Around the lake today event tomorrow

time: on Tuesday, July 8th, 11:00 game starts, 16:30 game is over.

stage name: mutual aid to West Town, third stage.

race distance: Mutual Aid – the revitalization of Weiyuan Town Road – Yingbin Avenue – Street – West rainbow road -S102- rhyme ieguchi unity bridge – Bayi Road – Ming Xing Road – Kunlun road – Kunlun road – Kunlun Road overpass bridge of Tongren Road overpass – Kunlun Road West -G109- road – a trickle down G109- River – Lake Road – West Town Po West square.

stage distance: 234 km, 73 km before the transition to mutual aid.

stage aspect: third stage from my unique ethnic Turkish town of mutual aid, as in recent years, the state and the province, Haidong municipal government attention and support, mutual make all the preparations to meet the lake race in city construction, infrastructure security etc.. The mutual aid team competition along three main lines to revitalize the road, Yingbin Avenue and rainbow Boulevard, the second half of the game the team will enter the race in Qinghai Lake area, Daotang River scenic area, Jinyintan grassland, Atomic City, the famous scenic spots will be greeted with the best attitude to the racing team. In addition, the first stage and the second stage of the third stage of the competition altitude undulating, long distance, altitude gradually increased, which is a challenge for game players.

stage name: West Town – Heimahe, fourth stage

race distance: West Plaza – po – Gangcha road -G315- Gangcha -S206- horse Township oil gas station.

stage distance: 206 km, 68 km to the Qinghai Lake after the transition of

stage aspect: the fourth stage of the competition held in the region around Qinghai Lake, Qinghai lake, beautiful Jinyintan grassland, the atmosphere of the Wang Luobin Museum of art, music written China historical moment cast Atomic City, Gangcha Plateau Pearl is a tourist destination, can be said to be waiting for the beauty of speed.


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