Local conditions to take advantage of employment platform

recently, the implementation of preferential employment policies by the government to pay a subsidy, job training, training schools to provide all kinds of farmers are directly involved in skills training in Huangzhong County of Zhenkang city of Sichuan dopa, the implementation of this policy will be better to solve the difficult employment of landless peasants in Sichuan Kang Town problem.

it is understood that the Kang Sichuan Metro residential nearly 50 thousand people, these people are from the three towns near the relocation of the Gan River Industrial Park in the town of DOPA landless peasants so far, because of the lack of arable land, resulting in the emergence of a large number of new idle workers, especially between 40 to 55 years old of the labor force is idle, for this a, 9 Municipal Personnel Bureau and the Huangzhong County Employment Bureau, the United People’s cooking school computer network training school, Huangzhong County occupation skills training schools and other training schools and units organized a large-scale training according to local conditions, special skills training for farmers, through a brief training skills formal, students get related. The employment certificate, and then through the contact training institutions assigned to the corresponding jobs on the job. This docking training not only solves the problem of farmers’ Employment under the condition of no skill, but also realizes the desire of training at home and working from home. (author: Zhang Guojing)

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