Kunlun road turned into two-way 8 Lane




re demarcated Kunlun road two-way 8 lane, greatly improving the capacity of the road.

to improve road traffic efficiency, maximize the use of road resources, recently, the city traffic police detachment of Kunlun Road 16 km 6 Lane two-way change, this 16 km road after the transfiguration will become the standard of the two-way 8 lane, maximum use of road space resources, improve road traffic capacity. Currently, the marking is painting, Kunlun West Road and the intersection of Tonghai road to Kunlun East Road and the intersection of the people and the road, the future will officially become two-way 8 Lane road.

reporter learned from the city traffic police detachment, Kunlun Road, a total length of 22 kilometers, the initial construction criteria set for the two-way 6 lane, but with the increase in traffic flow, road traffic during peak hours individual ability lower than before a lot, and the road itself and can be set to use and enhance the space. To this end, the city traffic police detachment through planning, demonstration, decided to set up a two-way road 8 Kunlun road traffic. The area of the painting line for Kunlun East Road and the intersection of the people and the road to Kunlun West Road intersection with the sea area of 16 km. This is a two-way 8 lane road is a large area of Kunlun road traffic flow of 16 kilometers.

at the same time, the reporter learned that the East and west of the Tonghai road and road because the original markings are relatively clear, plus the flow is small, in order to regulate the vehicle, after the city traffic police detachment in the east section of fuzzy markings in the West and the road and through the sea, will be two roads for two-way 8 lane. In the absence of lines before the sea to the West and the road to the east of the road to continue to maintain the 6 lane.

reporter saw in Kunlun Road, after the delineation of 8 lanes, road markings clear, orderly traffic. An interview with the driver, said: now the time to cross the red light is much shorter than usual."

in addition, the city traffic police detachment to remind the driver, do not press the line drawing line.


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