Xining industrial and commercial food additives special rectification achieved remarkable results

since May of this year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to actively combat and punish illegal increase and abuse of food additives special management work, achieved remarkable results.

in 3 months time, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce have carried out the special rectification of the two. On the basis of their provincial and Municipal Food Safety Committee and the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau notice spirit and implementation plan, focus on law enforcement forces, highlighting key areas, focusing on the food business industry, key distribution market in the city in an important market, suburban rental Library (factory) housing, temporary housing and other people in a dragnet diagnostic investigation, and by expanding the scope of the investigation, to provide first-hand information for the special rectification, eliminate hidden corner. As of August 10th, the city and district (county), the three linkage, were dispatched law enforcement vehicles 1025 times, 3075 law enforcement officers to check the food business households 8100 food additives, 15 households (including 1 enterprises), do not conform to the hygienic conditions of 3 food additives business carried out rectification. Investigation of the scope of business of food additives 3, seized three expired food 949 bags (bags), expired food additives 14.6 kg, 153 of invoice system is not in place to implement the business carried out the rectification specification, and the 4 new food additives business qualification of strict registration access.


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