The province started to deepen the reform of primary and secondary school teachers Title System

recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of Education organized a forum to deepen the reform of primary and secondary school teachers in Qinghai, the forum, the province began to deepen the reform of primary and secondary school teachers professional title system. According to reports, this is a major breakthrough in the classification of the province to promote the reform of the title system, is an important measure to strengthen the construction of primary and secondary school teachers.

It is reported that

, I deepen teachers title system reform in accordance with the national deepening system reform direction and overall requirements, establish institutions and the employment system and job management system linked with teachers’ occupation characteristics of teachers titles (duties) system. The reform covers the province’s average middle and primary school, middle school, occupation kindergarten, special education schools and provincial and municipal, state, district (county), Department of education, school education and audio-visual equipment agencies and provincial departments of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, educational institutions engaged in teaching and education serving full-time teachers and teaching staff.

reform will establish a unified system of primary and secondary school teachers title system, will be independent of each other in the secondary and primary school teachers title (duties) series into a new set of primary and secondary school teachers professional titles (duties) series. Set up from the senior staff level to 5 levels, in addition to the new senior titles, new titles (positions) and the original series of middle and primary school teachers’ professional titles (duty) series has a direct relationship; optimize the title evaluation standard, the new formulation of the evaluation standards, give full consideration to the teaching and educating work professional, practical, long-term, not one-sided emphasis on education, qualifications, the paper is not mandatory. For teachers who have been teaching for a long period of time and the teachers who teach in difficult and remote areas, the teachers are encouraged to flow to the grass roots and the pastoral areas.

at the same time, the reform and innovation of the evaluation system, job evaluation, effective evaluation of teachers’ teaching level and ability to take lessons in lectures, interviews, expert appraisal and other various evaluation methods; convergence of title assessment institutions and post employment system, no longer separate from the post employment qualification review, re approved and appropriate each section is provided to improve the post structural proportion control standard of teachers in rural schools long title declaration from the post setting structure limit; strict implementation procedures employed on the title, employment and post employment unity.


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