Xining traffic a number of initiatives for the high (middle) students escort

once a year high (in) exam is approaching, in order to ensure the high in 2012, senior high school entrance examination smoothly, candidates to provide a warm, quiet review, test environment and fast, comfortable and safe ride condition, the realization of peace and peace to ensure the entrance exam successfully for senior high school entrance examination, the city Department of transportation, according to the requirements of the municipal government arrange in advance layout work, take a number of measures for high (medium) to test students escort.

, a city bus company, city transport company in high (medium) during the test, in addition to the candidates to provide security services, public transport vehicles after the exam, will stop using stops to blow, prohibited orally report station, when the vehicle stops to slow down in advance, reduce the brake noise.

two, to strengthen the operation and management, to keep abreast of the operation, the reasonable allocation of transport capacity, to ensure the punctuality rate of operation and bus operation order to ensure that candidates enter the examination room on time.

three, clean the car inside and outside the health, keep the vehicle clean, to ensure that the public transport vehicles for the candidates to provide a comfortable, safe driving environment.

four, through the center of the bus lines and stations, through the news media announced in advance, to provide convenient services for the candidates, to forget to bring the student IC card candidates, passengers may not refuse to ride on the ticket free ride.

five, Xining City Transportation Management Office in high (medium) during the test, and actively organize 300 taxis in love to send test activities, then all love to send test marks of the taxi will provide free shuttle candidates, safety and high quality service for candidates.

six, increase the supervision and inspection of urban public transport and taxi, maintain traffic order. Request taxi brand team play an exemplary role, so that all taxi drivers consciously abide by the laws and regulations, pay attention to occupation morality, not in the examination room around Luantingluanfang, no rejection, required to use the meter, no special circumstances do not detour, and the instrument dignified, courteous, safe driving, the use of the term civilization and civilized service.


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