Xining two court litigation Service Center launched a one-stop service

Qinghai Province, Xining City Intermediate People’s court from the beginning of May 24th, in the establishment of the city court litigation service center, will move to the rational use of judicial resources, save litigation costs, reduce the mass appeal tired plays a positive role.

it is understood that the Xining two court litigation Service Center for filing court based, "a team of two brands, and members of the judicial committee of daily work into the Litigation Service Center, providing" expert outpatient service "legal service for the masses, to accept the party and the masses timely legal advice. The service center to guide the litigation, case inquiry and appointment of judges, service work, interpretation, answering charges paid back, judicial assistance, transfer of cases, convenience services and other litigation service functions; filing examination, mediation, mediation, property preservation before litigation dispute resolution confirmation function; multiple mediation, case cutting speed, classification the trial, three cases of shunt connection function, to provide one-stop legal services to the masses through the above functions.

Xining City Intermediate People’s Court of the party, the city court to litigation services platform, efforts to solve the judicial field among the masses and prominent problems of restricting judicial efficiency, establish and improve the legal service mechanism, and the Litigation Service Center built for the people, convenient and beneficial services window, diversion hub, dispute to resolve the contradiction of the masses of the frontier and the place of work, justice for the people of the brand.

set up the litigation service center aims at reasonable adjustment, intensive judicial resources, improving judicial ability, is the city’s court to carry out the "loyalty, for the people, justice and honesty" theme practice activities and optimization of the judicial resources, providing a full range of services to the masses, to implement a concrete manifestation of justice for the people. Further improve the service level of the provincial court and the satisfaction of the people through the establishment of the Litigation Service Center, and make new contributions to the stable and rapid development of Xining’s economy and society. (author: Li Wei will Qing Yan)


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