Sooner or later the maximum temperature rise

In August 22nd, the author learned from the Xining Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the next three days, Xining city has no obvious precipitation process, mainly in the sunny weather, but there are some areas will have thundershowers, please the public to pay attention to lightning protection and disaster reduction.

it is understood that the next three days, the city’s sunshine in the past 24 hours, the city turned sunny cloudy for 48 hours, the fine rain to turn to the county of three, the city’s showers or thunderstorms for 72 hours. In addition, the highest temperature in the next 3 days will be increased by 1 -2. With some time ago rain temporarily come to an end, sooner or later the temperature increasing after autumn, cool with us, the Municipal Meteorological Observatory reminder the public timely change of clothing.

in addition, although the temperature difference between day and night, but the city’s minimum temperature will not appear below 0 degrees Celsius weather, so there will be no frost weather. The lowest temperature of 7 degrees Celsius in the future, Huangyuan will be the lowest temperature of 5 degrees. (author: Jin ran)


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