Xining applauded the new changes in the screen

January 1st, Xining TV news channel two news section xiadou "news broadcast", "zero distance" xiadou gorgeous transformation, after the new upgrade appeared on the TV screen, the audience is one of the bright eyes. The people Ms. Lee said she is "xiadou zero distance" section of the faithful audience, the new upgrade of the "zero distance" xiadou made her very surprised, she joked that we did not think of Xining TV studio host is so fashionable, full of vitality, is really a pleasure to watch the news.

it is understood that, in 2013, Xining TV news channel in the program content, studio change, host positioning, broadcast and other aspects of a calm transition, a new sail. "Xiadou" news broadcast "is the Xining TV news channel to build a successful leading brand column, at the beginning of the new year program continue adhering to the" public opinion focus on people’s livelihood, attention to the ordinary people of the basic necessities of life, joy and well-being "purpose of the program, through the new broadcast way to make government more real and comprehensive livelihood of the people to listen to public opinion. "Zero distance" xiadou column divided hotline initiative, focus tracking, individualized, red · civilization, connect the network platform, cloud health and other sectors, the program content more targeted, timeliness, visibility.

In addition to the

program content, form more rich and novel, the biggest change to the number of Interactive Studio upgraded, after more than a month of design, decoration, 180 square meters of studio high-definition graphics, video rendering platform and multi channel intelligent management system, application of multi group background display styles of composition a colorful light of the world, to strengthen the program of visual impact, make the program more attractive. (author: Xiao Fang)


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