These professional qualifications will no longer be identified

real estate brokers, land registration agents, CPV, auction industry practitioners qualification, financial planner, designer IC occupation qualification, abacus trainer…… 272 vocational qualifications and identification (examination) work in all of our province was canceled. At the same time, the province in accordance with the provisions of the province in accordance with the relevant provisions of the establishment of computer word processing and office automation operator access class professional qualification has been canceled. This reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security news, the move will reduce the province’s personnel barriers to employment, reduce the burden of talent and social costs.

272 professional qualifications and certification cancel

I remember in college, many students and the surrounding, in order to allow yourself some job success, will a few pro forma access class occupation qualification certificate, total feel more a few of the qualification test on more than one occupation access astepping-stone to success "". Now, with the registered tax, the auction industry practitioners qualifications, prosthetics and orthotics production division, diving personnel qualification admittance class occupation qualification certificate cancellation, mandatory requirement is bound to make a lot of occupation is no longer set "occupation permit".

Provincial Department of human resources and social security function ability construction department deputy director Zhao Haiyan told reporters, in order to deepen the occupation qualification system reform in our province, careful control of the "State Council has announced the five batch of occupation qualification license decided to cancel and approval directory", the 272 occupation qualification permit a comprehensive clean-up and stop the State Council has explicitly canceled and identified the work of our province, and set the 2 entry class occupation qualification will be cancelled. Occupation qualification license, cancel the clean-up illegal, non-compliance, unreasonable, unnecessary and that reduces the human resources practitioners barriers, reduce the burden of personnel and social costs, promote the transformation of government functions in the occupation qualification management.

rectification to reduce the occupation threshold limit

for the consolidation of the province’s occupation qualification cleanup efforts, the establishment of long-term mechanism, occupation qualification standard management recently, provincial agency issued "on Further Doing a good job cleaning up the occupation qualification notice" requirement, to further improve the province’s occupation qualification rectification work. Zhao Haiyan said that deepening the rectification of professional qualifications is to reduce the threshold limit, to promote employment and entrepreneurship initiatives. Fully clean up unnecessary restrictions on the qualifications, minimizing the employment threshold of innovation, to maximize the burden for employers and all kinds of talents to deregulation, employment and entrepreneurship innovation is not a variety of certificate tired, let people do their best, fair competition, hard to let go, and release from all types of market players entrepreneurial innovation activity, to promote entrepreneurship employment, promote innovation and development.

at the same time, the province will cancel the professional qualifications, shall not be retained or restored in disguise, and resolutely put an end to the side to continue to clean up illegal settings, the implementation of professional qualifications and recognition of behavior. Municipalities (autonomous regions), departments (industry) shall not be allowed to set their own professional qualifications, shall not be allowed to adjust the list of national vocational qualifications,;

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