The western party to become community think-tank

In order to thoroughly implement the party’s mass line, the closer party masses relations, the west area to the working party members into the community activities as the carrier, the working party extends from the "eight hours post duty" to "eight hours of community service, in the service of the masses and to become a community think-tank.

reporter learned that the western part of the party members of the party building work experience and other characteristics of the organization, they organize community grassroots organizations, community development. In GA Si Xiang community, the working party members listened to a relevant GA Si Xiang community situation after the views and suggestions on the construction of community. In a small community, Quincy, Jia Kun Dong Xiang, the Chinese community community in 4 communities, nearly 170 working party members into the area of "three noes" floor carpet cleaning health hospital. In the school of Community Party Branch Lane community residents Liu Dianqing home, the working party members through face-to-face contact with the masses, heart to heart talk, understand the needs and aspirations of the masses, and the party’s policy to the grassroots level, to further narrow the distance between Party members and the masses.

according to the understanding, care and help disadvantaged groups is an important task of the working party members into the community, the working party members into the community activities, the working party actively twinning, visit condolences to the laid-off workers, the disabled, the elderly, left-behind children, to help them solve problems in production and life, for to build a Harmonious West blocks. The weather in the South Lane Community 5 working party initiative in pairs, ask about their lives, work and study situation and problems need to be solved thoroughly the difficulties of the masses in the home, and out of pocket to live and study activities, with practical action to practice the civil service commitment.


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