Common grain shop problem

a lot of investment businesses will see opportunities to bring healthy consumption concept, so many investors want to take this opportunity to play a. It spawned many brands, such as the frequent appearance of grain mill. Industry barriers can generally be understood as the outside world to enter the industry needs to pay the price, composed of many factors. We focus on the grain store shop, the main factors which are capital, profit model, upstream resources, downstream customers, management system, the quality of the staff (service we can sum up in the profit model.).


1, the capital, general grain stores and small 5W can not start running; medium grain stores around 10W in general can be compared, not even to large grain stores; 10W to 20W; the super large does not say, huge funds can be set higher trade barriers, but also the existence of funds other performance advantages into advantage. It can be seen that the funds can built trade barriers actually does not exist.

2, profit model, we said above, a single profit model, service advantage is not prominent, stereotyped, there is no form of the implementation of the charm, easy to copy, leading to competitive advantage is not obvious, there is no barrier.

3, upstream resources, product manufacturing enterprises, product middlemen, good bad, high-quality inferior, authentic fake, too much, and the threshold out of money no other. Upstream source wide, there is no difficulty in purchasing, so there is almost no barrier.

4, downstream customers, customers have regional, and also about the store brand, but unfortunately, most cottage stores Ruogu except the boss and customer relationship quality, whole grain stores almost any other health differences, because this formal profit model have been intended for single and superficial barriers caused, also does not exist.

5, the management system, the lack of effective management and management system chaos is the norm in the industry, we are almost, no one who is better than the inherent strength of the highlights, there is no barrier.

6, the quality of the staff, other industry wages relatively equal conditions to the needs of employees on a high point, the working environment is good, despite the large flow of personnel, but the number of personnel not lack seriously, the quality of personnel is also very difficult to distinguish a high I you low, so trade barriers there is No. In the trade barriers of low, cause grain appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain join stores such as specializing in membership, even money shop.

industry chain itself. Let’s look at the upper reaches of the upper reaches of the mentality and the degree of standardization is me

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