Shandong female man opened a clothing store success

people’s impression of the people of Shandong is expansive, Shandong’s most popular man, and from the Shandong female man makes people sit up and take notice, business in Ji’nan, pragmatic struggle, a record of their own career.

A clothing store in

Although the

"others can do, why do I do?" Wang Xiaoli asked himself again and again. After a good mood, she made up her mind to work hard to learn the advanced experience of others. So, she gave him a variety of classes, every day in Jiyuan, Jiaozuo, Zhengzhou, Ningbo…… All around.

"remember the time in Zhengzhou class, the teacher let everyone speak, I suddenly tense up, oh, so many people, how can I say." Wang Xiaoli stood on the podium, face "brush" to look red, suddenly a blank mind, until go don’t remember what about what, at that time feel too lack of exercise, must try harder than others." Then, she first went to the store every day, the last one to leave, wait for food and lodging in the store.

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