Yili CPPCC held in the fourth quarter consultation to promote youth entrepreneurship

young people want to start a business, we must first have the correct ideological level, a healthy world outlook and entrepreneurship. Young entrepreneurs are important builders of China’s society, in the face of the current turbulent world, young entrepreneurs should be far away from the impact of religious extremism.

11 20 July, Yili CPPCC on "promoting" 80, 90 "youth employment" held the fourth quarter meeting, aimed at promoting the "80, 90" after the implementation of youth employment and entrepreneurship more fully, consciously away from the religious extremist ideological influence. CPPCC Chairman Shapour, CPPCC party secretary Yu Qingshan, deputy secretary of state, Party committee secretary Li Minghui, vice governor Mei Yu, CPPCC members pulbah · Tu G Jay Fagafaga P, vice chairman of CPPCC representatives, Asad, Liu Ke Hua and the city CPPCC members in part.

the meeting, Yu Mei and state leaders of relevant departments responded to the scene, CPPCC members put forward the problem.

Li Minghui on behalf of the State Party committee meeting on the achievements made in the affirmative. He said that employment is the people’s livelihood and stability of the state, the relevant departments and counties will be difficult to estimate more fully, take measures to implement more in place, the integration of power, promote employment and entrepreneurship work to a new level. At the same time to seize the key, to achieve new breakthroughs, to local conditions, strengthen the implementation of the policy, to increase efforts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, stable focus, expand employment, strengthen training, improve skills, innovation, optimize the employment service. To strengthen leadership, urged the new achievements, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen supervision and inspection, pay attention to the guidance of public opinion, strengthen the supervision and control of funds.

chable at the end of the meeting stressed that the CPPCC should continue to increase efforts to continue working for the Party Central efforts, focusing on "ecological civilization demonstration area to create" and "to study the extreme subject held consultations. Mass organizations at all levels should play a good role in promoting youth employment work, to establish market awareness, improve the professional level of consciousness; establish the bridge service center, enhance the overall situation, Youth Services pertinence and efficiency; establish the sense of reform and open up a new vision and new realm promote youth entrepreneurship and employment.

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