Want to expand Please give up acquaintance market……

for business friends, want to expand the business, we must expand the market! To expand the market, Xiaobian want to say: please give up the market with new acquaintances, open contacts! Some people worry about their business to find no contacts, WeChat friends less afraid to do…

if do business can only be sold to friends, it will do all the business failures, this world is more people you don’t know, give up acquaintances market.

The difference between

I have no

"friend" forwarding their message, so friends are not forwarded their information, my selfishness is their information for him, that I am not forwarding someone else’s information seems to be off some of the business, actually broke their own business!

in fact the market a lot of people come up with "false friends" maintenance time, go out, you have a lot on the market.

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