Sichuan through the computer Yaohao public rental housing options

for public rental housing problems, many places are in short supply, in the face of such a situation, the relevant government units to take measures to open the computer Yaohao, in order to protect its fair notarization. Below we for the Sichuan province through the computer open Yaohao, choose a specific understanding of public rental housing.

5 30 in the morning, the computer open Yaohao, this year the city center the first batch of 11128 to apply for registration in the object is to determine the order of selection. It is reported that this Yaohao optional public housing rental housing a total of 8478 sets, involving "Jincheng East A District, B District Jincheng East", "Shang Jincheng" project.

Chengdu City Real Estate Management Bureau relevant responsible person said, before the election room if there are other vacate houses, will be included in the batch of housing with rent. In addition, the next 2016 batches of public rental housing is expected to launch more than 1900 sets, next year will launch more than 1 sets of public rental housing.


1.1 application object determine the order of the election room


it is understood that the number of objects for the end of April 29, 2016 has been applied for the registration of public rental housing object, a total of 11128 households, will produce a number of 10770 Yaohao sequence. Among them, the resulting Yaohao order in 38 units, 402.

public rental housing Yaohao by computer random Yaohao Yaohao, sequence number is the sequence number of the election room Yaohao object. According to the degree of difficulty in accordance with the protection of objects, in accordance with the minimum target, other low-cost rental standards in line with the low income targets and non rent rent standards to protect the object classification. The same kind of protection object in accordance with the eligibility criteria to obtain the annual order. In the same year, the protection of objects, the protection of the organization of the family and the organization’s priority in the individual wave number, the same conditions are preferred priority yaohao.

survivors of martyrs, demobilized soldiers; for family members were 60 years of age and older; the health department found that the disabled child family death; identified by the civil affairs departments at or above the county level of the adult orphans, in the same conditions, priority yaohao.

wave after the event, Chengdu city affordable housing rental agency will according to the order of the election room Yaohao determine the election room, started to notice the application object. According to the relevant person in charge of Chengdu urban and rural real estate authority, the second half of 2016 will be launched second batches of public rental housing more than 1900 sets, next year will launch more than 1 sets of public rental housing.

public rental only rent not sell up to only 6 years

it is worth noting that the Chengdu City Housing Authority official pointed out that in order to realize the fairness of public rental housing to solve the recommendation

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