Retail sales also need to be guaranteed

some store promotional slogan is very attractive, once the number of shopping or how much to buy a product, there will be what kind of activities or what kind of gifts. However, when the customer really after consumption, activities are limited places, or gifts have been delivered. Such promotions, natural easily lead to resentment of customers, so that people doubt the authenticity of promotions. Therefore, retail sales also need to protect the natural.

retail sales promotion activities, there will always be ignored by the retailers, it is necessary to ensure the quality of gifts or prizes. It is used in retail households in promotion gifts or prizes if this normal goods, quality assurance, can not use those products, the elimination of substandard and shoddy goods to make use of promotions, so the quality can not be guaranteed effectively, but also lose their credibility.

therefore, the retail business in the promotion activities, for the use of gifts or prizes to be guaranteed, that is, to ensure the quality of these goods is reliable, problems in accordance with the provisions of the deal. In case of quality problem, can not use the "promotion" as an excuse to shirk responsibility, with the customer. Even if the promotion was out, but in the future? Who will believe us?

retailer Wang Yebin said: every time I carry out promotional activities, the use of gifts or prizes are also in their normal goods to choose appropriate, and not to use the cheap and shoddy merchandise to cheat customers. I think that kind of promotion will eventually cause the customer’s anger. In 2017, the year is approaching, although the business is good, strong consumer demand, but I still feel that continue to carry out promotional activities.

because this is also the trend of the times, becoming an essential business situation, others are in use, they do not have to ah. This year’s promotion, I am prepared to use some cigarettes as a prize, my cigarettes are purchased from tobacco companies, no matter how the quality is excellent. In addition I combined with the mountain motorcycle, ready to purchase 20-30 the pump as a prize, I think there must be a good prize attraction. At the same time, will also carry out customer follow-up activities, to understand some of the psychological needs of customers, so as to use some of the more innovative, more flexible forms of promotion, and strive to win the 2017 sales war.

whether it is the number of promotional products or quality, need to have protection, so that will make the promotion of the real for the customer is convinced, will let the store business get better development. So, if you are a retail owner, you will pay attention to the protection of promotional activities? With the introduction of the above, you will invest more energy in this area?

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