See how Dong Mingzhu’s entrepreneurial road to step by step

GREE air conditioner everybody should be very familiar with it, then the boss of GREE Dong Mingzhu, we are not unfamiliar, a legendary original GREE in her bravado beauties, driven by the slowly development today that grow, if for her pioneering deeds is not very understanding of it, today Xiaobian take everyone to see her how is the step by step for profit.

1990, Dong Mingzhu resolutely quit his job, go to work. At that time, she was 36 years old, to the GREE company, starting from a grassroots salesman. I do not know what Dong Mingzhu did with a marketing firm and sichanlanda, 40 days to recover $420 thousand in debt to his predecessor, the general manager Zhu Jianghong sit up and take notice became a marketing story at leisure. The woman of the entrepreneur is to start from here. Relying on hard work and sincere, Dong Mingzhu constantly create the myth of GREE’s sales, her personal sales, has soared to 36 million 500 thousand yuan.

1995 years, Dong Mingzhu became a GREE sales manager, subordinates are so at the time the female boss: a never buanpailichupai person, her brand management is only one: their principles, they think of.

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