Small porridge fairy join support what

What are

‘s favorite projects for investors? For small venture investors is undoubtedly a high cost of return of the project, and such projects are generally concentrated in the food and beverage industry. Food and beverage industry in the low investment threshold, headquarters to support more than a small porridge fairy join the project is that you can not miss a good choice to get rich. Small porridge fairy investment projects have a low investment high income characteristics, becoming the first choice for small entrepreneurs, to help many entrepreneurs succeed. So small porridge fairy can give investors to join the project support?

small porridge fairy join support:

1, planning support

small investment department of the headquarters of the whole chain planning, brand management, product mix, marketing strategy, advertising creativity and put into operation by the well-known operating agencies to ensure that investors profit.

2, advertising support

small porridge fairy brand advertising in the focus on locking the network, television, magazines, newspapers and periodicals, and enhance the brand name and reputation in the whole society, to ensure that each store brand intangible assets appreciation.

3, technical support

technician for each small porridge shop students with the theory and practice of combining the practical operation of the hand, a comprehensive grasp of all kinds of technology, until completely learned, and distribution of technical information.

4, unified image decoration

to provide small porridge fairy shop store overall design and related promotional items.

5, shop support

small porridge fairy investment company to provide business promotion program; the company will provide free health porridge, pie, clear porridge, such as the production of more than 160 kinds of products. The company will provide special packing free cups, cutlery and standard promotional materials to ensure the production plan, small stores opened hot porridge xian.

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