The analysis of investment and entrepreneurship mode

‘s day nine to five days and anguish? If you want to change your life, it will start from the beginning of their own life is not the same. The join venture is to share brand gold, share know-how, sharing of resources and support, to take direct and entrusted to join, franchise and other forms of franchise, the amount of investment varies according to the types of goods, shop requirements, technical equipment and the different ways to join. This is a very popular business choice, the following Xiaobian to give you a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of this new thing, so that we have a better understanding of this thing!

The analysis of

investment alliance model

in accordance with the relevant authorities to investigate the report, open the terminal retail business, if a single business success rate of 24.5% or less, if it is to join the franchise chain store success rate of 75.5%. Franchise chain advantages:

first, reduce business risk, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

in the market economic environment in today’s increasingly fierce competition in a limited funds, lack of experience of investors to highly saturated market environment and independently create a career is difficult, so the risk. On the contrary, you choose to join the chain, can directly use the existing brand resources, mature business model, the chain network effect, regional protection and so on, the chances of success will be greatly improved, for lack of experience of entrepreneurs, it is a shortcut to success.

two, franchisees can get a mature management mode.

is a single operating alone store should be worked out a set of feasible management measures, often take a long time, perhaps before the required management mode mature, because many detours, the cost is too large, and can not survive. On the contrary, if investors join the chain headquarters, will not have everything from scratch, although no professional knowledge and management experience, management skills can also get business know-how, other aspects of business knowledge training headquarters immediately. The experience is often the headquarters after years of practice, has been proved to be effective, and formed a set of standardized management system, the franchisee to copy these mature and standardized management mode is very easy to succeed.

three, help to reduce the supply chain, centralized purchase, can reduce operating costs, quality and quantity.

The biggest advantage of

chain management is mainly reflected in the centralized purchase and distribution. Due to join the headquarters of large scale, strong, can get a higher cost of goods, thereby reducing the purchase cost, increase competitive advantage. At the same time, due to join the headquarters of the market will have a professional investigation and study, in the purchase of the independent shops to overcome the blindness

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