The design and decoration of the coffee shop is very important

coffee as a beverage now by many young people’s favorite, at the same time, now the social life in the coffee shop business is also very popular, more and more coffee shops began to open in the decoration, when opening a coffee shop is the key.

in the decoration, from the following two aspects: to design

first, to have the effect of advertising decoration. To give consumers a strong visual stimulation. The cafe facade decoration into unique shapes or strange shape, to create new styles in appearance, in order to attract consumers.

Second, according to the characteristics of coffee Decoration Association, unique decoration is not only a visual stimulus to consumers, it is more important that consumers have entered the shop know there might be some what.

Decoration and design

1, to prevent the flow of people crowded into the cafe.

2, the bar should be set up in a conspicuous place, so that customer consultation.

3, coffee shop layout to reflect a unique atmosphere with the coffee adaptation.

We should try to set a rest place,

4 cafe, ready seat.

5, make full use of a variety of colors. The walls, the ceiling, the lights, the coffee and drinks make up the coffee shop.

6, the coffee shop is best to set a mirror in the dark or weak light.

the advantage is that the mirror can reflect light, make the coffee more bright, more eye-catching, more lustrous. Some coffee shops with the whole wall as a mirror, in addition to the above benefits, but also to give people a space to increase the illusion.

7, cashier set on both sides of the bar and should be higher than the bar.

refers to all forms of outdoor decoration decoration coffee shop in front and around. Such as billboards, neon signs, light boxes, electronic flash advertising, advertising posters, leaflets, fiber advertising, advertising signs, decoration, living house, window layout and so on, are outdoor decoration.

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