Dalian’s first micro Film Festival opened 23

not only in the field of commercial business achievement, there are many entertainment stars venture into the sea, and according to the business story of the production of TV drama appeared in front of people. Dalian’s first micro film opening day of the successful opening of the film, the ten micro film competition.

23, "the first Dalian venture micro Film Festival" in the premier Li Keqiang visited the high-tech enterprise workshop officially opened. The micro Film Festival organized by the Dalian Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, Dalian radio and television life channel Co sponsored.

the entrepreneurial micro Film Festival, for the city’s film and television production companies, film and television majors in college students and personal video enthusiasts Beida in Dalian in recent years, the outstanding entrepreneurial story based on the collection of outstanding figures, shooting script and creative, selected from 10, by the investment funds, made into micro movie. Currently, ten micro film has been completed. Most foreigners in Dalian red iron eggs, and shortly before the shooting because in the movie "Sherlock worry" has made a guest appearance in one red storm interrupted uncle "Uncle" are involved in the micro film. What wonderful performances will they bring? Let’s wait and see.

10 the entry of micro film, starting from December 28th at 21:30 every day in my life channel "circle of friends" broadcast a television station in Dalian, at the same time, the official website and Iqiyi, Youku and other video sites will also be synchronized broadcasting.

show after the end of the final will be based on audience voting and expert judges vote, choose the best film, best screenplay, also voted best editing, best actor awards, the winners will be extra cash reward.

Micro Film Festival

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