Service robots into a deep entrepreneurial hot spots

is now a technology pioneering era, in the society appeared many kinds of technology start-ups, in the Shenzhen area, now the service robot has become a new business focus, attention.

9 8, Huaqiang made incubators and national IC design industrialization base of Shenzhen co sponsored "Hi tea Salon", invite the person in charge of Shenzhen several robot start-up companies, the business focus in the robotics and the future development are discussed. Reporters learned that, in recent years from the salon, service robot has become a hot field of Shenzhen enterprises, accelerate the development of customer record, function research mainly concentrated in the children’s early education, smart home, security monitoring, and other aspects of the elderly and the disabled.

According to the statistical data of

"if the 2012 200 million urban households as the basis, to 2000 yuan each and 20% families purchase rate to measure the market capacity of home service robot in China will reach 40 million units, the market scale will reach 80 billion yuan." Shenzhen bit atomic technology founder Fu Qingbo said, the number of users through the home service robot for terminal coverage will reach 140 million, if taking into account the hotels, offices, schools and other places, I believe the future of a broader market space.

bit atom is the poineering company of science and technology in intelligent robot field sensor and a focus. It and the University of Electronic Science and technology of the robot research center jointly developed a CAMO home intelligent service robots, has now produced a prototype, its plan to form a million users in the next year.

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