Seven snack food practice introduction

boring weekend at home there is no thought to do a fine snack for yourself, meet your taste buds? If you have this idea, but there is no technology does not matter, then the following content is very useful for you. Seven snack food practice introduction. Spend the weekend with you.

a banana milk custard

raw materials: 1 bananas, milk 100ml, eggs, 1.


1, banana peel with spoon pressed into mud.

2, knock into the egg bowl, stir well.

3, to add mashed banana and milk in the egg mixture and mix well together.


4 steamer, boil water, banana milk pot will be tuned with the fire can be steamed.

two, make their own egg cake

raw materials: bananas, flour, eggs, a small amount of milk, sugar, salt a little, a small spoon of oil (save). Press the bananas into mud and mix with all the ingredients.


1, the material into a paste;

2, pan put a little oil, the banana paste into the pot, small fire fry;

3, fried fragrant side, turn side to continue to fry. Super simple Oh ~

three, celery leaf cake

raw materials: celery leaves, flour, eggs, a little sugar, a little salt, oil a small spoon (save).


1, celery leaves good cleaning and shredding;

2, add the flour into the bowl, add eggs, sugar, transferred into a paste;

3, the hot pan, put a little oil;

4, into the batter, grilled flat Jianzhi yellowish;

5, fried to the side of the yellow;

6, on the chopping block and tray.

four, ham, tomato, cheese, egg rolls,


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