See how the sea fishing started

hot pot industry celebrities who are aware of the sea fishing, sea fishing is said to be famous for its unique service. How many network soft sea fishing said the miraculous, how many people want to personally feel the sea services. A "sea you learn" ignited the whole business, even millet also had sea fishing as a learning object. There is a very good philosophy of fishing: the staff when people. Sea fishing is a traditional enterprise in the first team, product second to achieve the ultimate company.

"only when employees have a sense of identity and sense of belonging to the enterprise, will be really happy to work, work hard."

How did

get started? Zhang Yong thinks so……

service is differentiated

I am 18 years old into the factory, to become a welder tractor factory, work a few years later felt boring in the street, set up four tables, began selling malatang.

Zhang Yong: sea fishing is such a

this state lasted for two years, in March 1994, the first sea fishing city in Sichuan, the official opening of the Jianyang, I, my wife, classmates and fellow students four people, is the sea fishing entrepreneurial team.

then I won’t even fry feed, but to buy the book, left hand book, right hand frying, stir fry on this side. As can be imagined, do so out of the Hot pot taste is very general, so want to survive only a good attitude, what guests will speed up, are not satisfied with what many lost smile.

because we have good service attitude, service speed, guests are willing to eat, do not the guests are willing to teach me to do. I found that the quality of service can compensate for the lack of taste, then work harder and help the guests with children, bag, shoe…… No matter what I need to have guests, without demur to help. After doing this a few years later, the sea fishing in Jianyang has become a household name.

I do Hot pot is accidental, but not a fluke, because Hot pot compared to other food, the quality is not very different, so the service is particularly easy to become the means of differences in competition.

Zhang Yong: sea fishing is such a

1999 years, I decided to "sea fishing" brand to do the field, fishing out of Jianyang’s first stop, the election in Xi’an, because there is someone willing to cooperate with the sea fishing side of Xi’an.

however, sea fishing just to successive losses Xi’an a few months before we began to put hard save >

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