Small entrepreneurs how to choose

the benefits of big, small is also a small convenient, small entrepreneurs should cherish their entrepreneurial opportunities, less money to spend wisely, pay attention to the cost of the location, but not because of the cost and tie their hands.

1, see whether or not the landlord. There are a lot of so-called landlord actually is the two tenant sublet, earn the difference in the middle. This house is easy to cause disputes, for example: housing who has clearly will rent to the middleman landlord, the landlord did not pay middleman landlord. Therefore, the housing must let the landlord to produce real evidence. If the person is just the middleman landlord should adhere to, direct contract with the big east, rather than paying middleman landlord "transfer fee".

2, pay attention to whether the relocation of housing. Change rapidly changes in Shanghai, all residents of the housing or housing relocation. Therefore, the small business owners must observe the dynamics of municipal construction. A lot better appearance of the greater the risk, for example, next to the Tibet Luqiao near the new world, are very likely to be the local residents. Once the relocation compensation, but with the landlord. For the small boss, by the facade, decoration, has been invested, just opened shop, business is not necessarily good, a little improvement, and the demolition of the house. Therefore, the old Chengxiang, the old house is best not to rent, so as to avoid sequelae".

3, the facade to match the business. Do not blindly pursue "Gaodangfang", if you just open the wonton shop, just rent 4000-5000 yuan monthly rent facade, earn even enough, it is not worth for the landlord to work. The first venture small boss must obtain "success", even a small profit will win anyway. Shen teacher: some landlords open house prices. In fact, rent with the lots, prices, "is" not "is" gas, South to North store store expensive.

4, elevated under the facade to be careful rent. Elevated below the road is often blocked fence, more difficult to cross, and, under the elevated dust, noise, less popular, only the shuttle traffic, which will affect the passenger flow. In addition, the width of the street facade also has this problem, the customer will be too wide for the road, not happy to go through and give up to come. The best look into the market.

5, hotels do not open in the residential area. The location of the restaurant is the key to the popularity of the city. The best schools, traffic hub, theater and other people of the place more, if it is a residential area, but difficult to do business, because for ordinary people, eating out is once in a while.


site is a side, only the site selected, the operation is guaranteed. Starting from the basic, the foundation is the most important!

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