What is the procedure for joining Xu Xuan noodle

do noodle business, choose well-known brands will be more popular. There are a lot of stores are concerned about Xu Xuan’s noodle house to join the project, hoping to get the right agent. Today Xiaobian to introduce how to join the food project, I hope to help you.

join amount: 1-5 million

project features: the entire shop output free training


1, cooperative consultation: Xu Xuan’s noodle house telephone and fax, join the online message to Xu Xuan’s Noodle House headquarters Advisory cooperation matters, requested Xu Xuan noodle house;

2, CO application: fill in the Xu Xuan noodle shop to join the application, confirm the related matters;

3, field visits to the headquarters: on-the-spot investigation Xu Xuan noodle house project, and Xu Xuan’s Noodle House headquarters staff to communicate face to face.

4, the signing of the contract: both sides confirmed the investigation of Xu Xuan’s Noodle House shop result is correct, through friendly negotiation, officially signed a cooperation contract Xu Xuan noodle house;

5, managing partner confirmed: according to the level of cooperation, Xu Xuan noodle house pay related fees, confirm the regional management rights;

6 skills training: collaborators to Xu Xuan noodle chain franchise headquarters for the technology, management and operation of all aspects of training, assessment and acceptance;

7, shop decoration: headquarters to assist partners and confirm the business location, and Xu Xuan noodle shop decoration and layout;

8, opening preparation: to receive the Xu Xuan Noodle House authorization, opening gifts, perfect distribution, arrangement of promotional materials, ready to start


9, operational guidance: Xu Xuan noodle chain franchise headquarters professional long-term tracking guidance and marketing assistant.


Xu Xuan noodle shop to join the project is good, strong, can provide a powerful guarantee to the franchisee, very popular in the market, if you want to do a guaranteed investment business then choose the brand to be sure, the headquarters will help you succeed Denver, get rich delicacy.

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