WeChat blocked the circle of friends to share the bitter red who


was born WeChat red, can be said to be a circle of friends exchange boom, and now WeChat is trying to get in the circle of friends drops of red envelopes, after this decision issued, many netizens said WeChat is depressed, and behind this, and who really have a big loss?

12 17, Tencent chairman Ma Huateng announced at the second session of the Wuzhen Conference on the Internet marketing behavior of red class will be banned in the circle of friends, including drops of red envelopes, unable to share the circle of friends.

for WeChat blocked, Ma Huateng made the following answer:

recently Uber blocked a thing, Ma Huateng said that this is a special case for the result of punishment, WeChat encourages the enterprise development in the WeChat ecosystem, but did find a lot of enterprises in the marketing over WeChat.

1, Uber

12 4, the public account platform of WeChat once again fully blocked Uber, previously WeChat has responded by saying that the jitter of the system leads to error bar, the blocked Uber account is re established after a ban on a recently established account, time is October 26, 2015, but since February.

According to the recommended

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