What is the name of the underwear store attention

now whether it is operating a shop what the premise of nature is a proper name. However, how to name the shop has become a problem. In fact, as long as we are able to pay attention to the relevant matters, to store a suitable name can also be very simple. So, what are the names of the lingerie store attention?

first, the name of the underwear shop should be short and fine.

company, shop name more than three words in the name of its business with the name of the project is not appropriate, such as feel love underwear, underwear, underwear and other lady, even more than three words, is not the best form of phrase.

second, lingerie shop names follow the rules of language use.

language has its own laws, in use should pay attention to grasp the following three points:

(L) or word word meaning should be clear, can be the general interpretation; (2) according to the rules of grammar to combination of words, long collocation can’t violate the word structure rules, by deliberate confusion of words structure rules the way to engage in speculation is irresponsible to society; (3) can create their own the name

third, underwear shop name and semantic meaning name value.

is the core problem of commercial naming semantic words. Because Chinese characters are ideographic characters, because the shape is characteristic of its semantic meaning is shown, whether the general words or business name, people have formed the "name" habit, generally do not accept those who had no intention of love can speak words.

if you now give lingerie store a suitable name, you know, should pay attention to what matters it? In short, you want to open a business hot underwear store, these names should also pay attention to note.

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