The first Luohe WTHUB maxspace completed people bold venture

for most people who want to start a business, the lack of funds, channels and other issues often make their good ideas died in the cradle. At this time, there is a professional platform to help achieve entrepreneurial dream is very important. To this end, in January 7th, the first Luohe WITHUB maxspace was officially established in Laoshan City South road.

on the scene, the business service platform of Regional Design District, District, District of nostalgic music. "Our business service platform, mainly for young college students, two entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and demobilized soldiers, to provide free computer, optical fiber network and projector, machine and other equipment as well as a full range of services for them." WITHUB entrepreneurial space official said.

multi-creation space Small and micro businesses more comprehensive entrepreneurial resources, promote entrepreneurial talents to enrich themselves, understand the market trend, make a plan for myself and the most abundant entrepreneurial projects in the future.

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