Who says women than men to open a beauty salon to become rich

has a woman named Tammy Truong in foreign countries, she is almost ninety percent of women are familiar with. Because she founded the beauty salon is very famous, but her way to success is not so simple.

get together to do business

from the IT industry 180 degrees to switch to do beauty, such a huge industry change is not Tammy dreamed up. In early 2005 IT industry downturn, she began working in a beauty institutions, which provide valuable experience for her, after offering medical beauty salons. "Through work, I mastered the relevant medical and cosmetic aspects, but to do business or utterly ignorant of. Later, I took part in a government funded, helping people to start a small business courses, I learned how to make a specific plan, operation and management of a business."

her shop on Broadway street in Vancouver West, there are a lot of medical beauty clinic on the street, and near the station, crowded. In the rainy Vancouver, a few steps can mean more business opportunities." She said.

customers are all foreigners

No one from the

Tammy family, no one engaged in the beauty industry, as the field of "fresh", a lot of experience and skills to find their own way. After graduating from business courses, Tammy took his business plan to write, from the bank to obtain a loan of 50 thousand yuan. This is a small business, can be regarded as a small start-up capital.

then, she began to choose the shop, purchase equipment, decoration shop…… All of these are her own hands. "I had some work experience to make it clear that the basic settings in the beauty salon – the 4 rooms will be separated from the layout, the front desk tidy, you can open."

interestingly, although she is Vietnamese ethnic groups, but there is no customer in their own people". She said: "there is no Vietnamese customers, no relatives and friends patronize. Probably because I is mainly engaged in laser hair removal, beauty, Asian customers overall is relatively small. Eight of the guests become women, mostly Westerners, the Middle East and India. In addition, because the shop is close to the hospital, there are many guests are doctors. To this end, I also need to study the beauty of medical knowledge, and constantly update the relevant information and technology. Only in this way can I convince the doctor and accept my medical beauty service."

good to win customers welcome

in the service industry, the ability to communicate with customers is the key to win customers. Tammy claimed the nature introverted, poor communication, but she has a set of communication technology and customer recommendation

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