Key 5 minutes in catering management strategy

how to get a lot of repeat customers, which is the major catering enterprises should know the problem, in fact, the catering industry carefully operate the knowledge can be big, because each dot may become if you can be the key success factors. Do you know there is a very important 5 – minute strategy in the food and beverage industry, which can help you win more repeat customers in the last 5 minutes. Let’s get to know!

door 3 minutes

first, customers do not wait more than 60 seconds

if the customer enters the dining room but nobody pays attention to, the average person can feel because of the feeling of being left out in the cold, therefore, even if the server is very busy, also must quickly come to the customer table to greet.

two, before opening the brain

the waiter must be attentive to the customer, talk to the customer, know what you’re talking about, and smile.

three, when talking directly to customers


and the customer speak, only contact with their eyes, so that they feel the attention and respect.

four, to provide a single customer

single customer in order to eliminate the loneliness, there is ample time in advance to determine the customer situation, provide them with the best books and other books to kill Hou meal time.

five, let the guests feel happy


Gang dining customers service, must arrange the order of dishes, so that customers feel relaxed.

six, to cultivate the observation

waiter to good at, timely understanding of customer needs, customer service is the best in the opening before the active service.

A 2 minute

, a customer checkout to quick

It’s time to pay

of the customer, the clerk should be as fast as a good price, and then handed his hands on the bill, deft hands and change collection.


for customer friendly leftovers

if the customer requirements for leftovers, waiters should be taken seriously, and the best can add a little tricks like leaves, seasoning for customers, so that customers feel surprise. < >

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