Milk shop opened three channels of purchase

milk powder is just the child needs to grow consumption, is directly related to the healthy growth of children, many parents attention. Therefore, for the opening of the milk powder shop, the opening of the milk powder shop channel is essential, today, the main channel on the purchase of milk powder shop, to introduce to you!

channels to purchase imported milk powder

imported milk powder sold very well in the Chinese, especially after the melamine incident, people are more willing to pay a higher price to buy a copy of ease, so some imported milk powder is needed. Common domestic milk powder imports of Abbott, Mead Johnson, Meiji, Dumex, these brands have established branch offices in Chinese, with agents or branches in each provinces and autonomous regions, and can contact them to get goods. However, due to the large brands of profit control is more stringent, coupled with this type of imported products through multi-channel program, so sales profit is relatively high.

the market we are more familiar with domestic milk Yili, Mengniu, Beingmate, Wandashan, Cong Seoul Zhuang, this brand of milk volume is relatively high, but compared to the price of imported milk powder is more reasonable, more suitable for consumption is relatively low in the Midwest or the two or three line of the city. Domestic milk powder brands have the basic production capacity, the strength of the enterprise is relatively strong, in the provinces or regions have agents or offices, these institutions can get access to the channel.


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