Let the car talk investment projects

do not know if you have not noticed one thing, that is, on the road to drive the car with a variety of slogans, see these slogans, as if a car into a person who will speak. Car is a sunrise industry before the rise of the worth of investment!

stickers called garland, logo, stickers, divided into car decals (  Car  Decal) and motorcycle decals (  Motorcycle  Decal) two, the world’s first debut race held in Paris in April 20, 1887, car players must stick the car side door Ming in order to identify number.

Vigorously develop the source

with car ownership groups more and more young, how to beautify their own personality has become a hot topic in the current car car owners. Car is one of the most intuitive and eye-catching exterior decoration style body, affordable. Compared with foreign mature markets, domestic car business has just started, promising.


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