Choose to join the champion bridge vermicelli shop these four reasons to convince you

bridge rice noodle is one of the characteristics of Yunnan cuisine, beautiful and touching story of the legend of the past century. Bridge noodle continues today is still the majority of consumers love one of the consumer goods.

Yunnan noodle can be divided into two categories, one is made of rice flour after fermentation, commonly known as "Physalis noodle" complex process, long production cycle. Features: Noodle bones is good, smooth sweet, rice flavor, is the traditional production method. The other is placed directly after the rice milling machine in extrusion molding, by friction heat to make rice paste molding, known as "dry pulp noodle". Dried rice noodles after drying is "dry noodle", easy to carry and store. When eating, the re steaming up. Dry pulp noodle muscles hard, bite, length, but the lack of clear rice flavor.

to join the election champion bridge vermicelli shop, these four reasons to convince you.

reason: Yunnan bridge noodle products in Tianya, famous China, fully take into account the north and South flavor, dominate, hot seasons.

Reason two:

headquarters fully adhering to former "Yunnan rice noodle" traditional cuisine, in the former palace into the vermicelli snack in one to show the development of the Yunnan bridge noodle series, with balls, vegetables, seafood noodle noodle noodle, noodle, noodle "intestinal fungus osmanthus and other major gold project", its products with nutrition and delicious the majority of consumers. Yunnan bridge noodle taste immediately went, blowing a whirlwind, join a bonanza.

three reasons: let the students hands-on operation spare neither labor nor money, all kinds of products, teacher guidance, Yunnan rice noodle chain headquarters implementation of this unique hands-on teaching mode to join, join the business to ensure that the real technology allows the franchisee happy to do with the boss.

is a well-known scholar noodle noodle brand, after years of development, now has a number of chain stores throughout the country, the broad prospects of development, many people are very want to join! Can be said is to join the brand hot noodle champion. If you have entrepreneurial dreams, may wish to consider joining champion rice

four reasons: fully transparent products taste mode: customers directly to the Ministry of training, by the master on the spot production main products to customers to taste, this transparent product tasting mode, allowing customers to fully understand the " Yunnan bridge noodle " High Court vermicelli snack making technology and taste, so happy, the franchisee to hours rest assured, back when


if you are interested in joining the bridge rice noodle, please leave a message at the bottom of our website, the latter will be able to get a more comprehensive information for you to join the reference.

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