ntroduction to the development trend of China’s future Buffet

form of foreign countries China buffet, for Chinese people this simple kind of nature, to cater to the consumer supply buffet. Buffet market operations have been very impressive.

buffet, sometimes called a buffet, it is a kind of informal banquet the international, is in large-scale business activities. It is the specific practice is not prepared meals, diners at the time of their own choice of food, drink, and then stand or sit, free to eat with others or alone. Buffet is called buffet, mainly because it can mobilize the initiative of the meal at the dinner table, their own hands to help themselves, their own arrangements in the context of the selection of dishes. As it has been called the buffet, mainly because it provides food to cold. Of course, appropriate to provide some hot, or provide some semi-finished products to be processed by the diners themselves.

introduction to the future development trend of China’s buffet

buffet is the first Japanese Showa 33 years (1958) Tokyo’s first imperial precedent, all dishes on the table, on the basis of the guest preferences feeding, this style is very popular.

with the spread of Western food to China after the buffet of the way to bring food to our country. The dining way first appeared in the hotel opened in 1930s in Chinese foreigners, make it real and Chinese people contact, is in the late 1980s, with the China opening, the emerging tourism Joint Venture Hotel, the hotel will be extended to the Chinese buffet catering market, buffet in its various forms, rich dishes, comprehensive nutrition, low price, simple meals and well received by consumers, especially young people, children of all ages.

China mainland buffet signs in Shanghai at the end of 1970s, but the real in a standard format is popular in the mainland is at the end of 1980s, up to now the development of seafood, barbecue, etc. Hot pot material, theme restaurants, has nearly 30 years.

first, the overall development of buffet in China

data show that eight cities in the country has a total of 3736 buffet restaurants, of which there are first tier cities, second tier cities, there are 1560 home. A city catering scale, its economic size and population volume is a positive correlation between the basic population, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen 4 first-tier cities are located in the TOP10 city population Chinese, the total current reached 70 million scale. Correspondingly, the total amount of buffet restaurant also overwhelmed the sum of the remaining 4 second tier cities.

two, buffet stores in China accounted for


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