How to stop customers in front of a cigarette retail store

every day in front of the shop People are hurrying to and fro. people very much, if you can let the customer stop, this shop for business development but has a very big help. In a word, in modern commercial society, a busy street often consists of many different shops, how to let pedestrians eyes distinguish different shops in the "sweep" of the moment and to stimulate interest? Let the hurried footsteps stop?

that must be in the image of the store effort! Any business should put the store design as a commodity sales link important attention, especially the cigarette retail stores, due to the different businesses between the supply and the price is very close, how to let the shop in front of customers to a halt, vital to the cigarette retail business, profit to us.

generally speaking, the operating profit of the cigarette retail store is determined by the factors such as the incoming flow, residence time, the amount of time to buy the unit, and the purchase of gross profit.

cigarette retail stores basic profit formula:

operating profit = the number of stores × residence time × purchase quantity × commodity gross profit

because of the number of people into the store is an important part of the cigarette retail stores to achieve profitability, but also the first step, so we have to have a beautiful, personalized store image, the customer pull into the store.

from the perspective of business psychology, customers can be divided into three categories: the first is to have a clear intention to purchase the customer, the consumer is very clear what they want to buy, so they focus on the eyes, went straight to the target. The second is a consumer intention but no specific target customers for these customers, attract them apart from commodity itself, eye-catching shop signs, the temptation of the window, the wonderful music will also draw their attention and consumption.

third is the herd mentality of customers, the customer has no clear purpose, with "hanging out" nature, shop design, personality strong promotional information and high store popularity, may affect its came into the shop, resulting in consumer behavior.

as long as the shop, I am afraid that customers will be worried about the problem, after all, whether there is a customer, but the store business has a direct impact. And cigarette retailers want to capture the flow of wealth, you have to let these second, third types of customers in front of the store to stay. A good reputation can not only make the customer, improve the recognition of the good to hear or see the store, can attract more customers, stimulate the customers desire to buy, promote sales.

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