How much does it cost to open a cake shop

is now more and more people are no longer simply because of the problem of food and clothing and worry, so, the consumer market is more and more broad, usher in greater development. The same is true of the cake market, consumer demand is growing, so it attracted a lot of investors ready to open a cake shop. However, the start-up business is the need for funds to support. So, how much does it cost to open a cake shop?

1, single sell cake

how much does it cost to open a cake shop? This is the minimum amount of capital invested in the form of business, venture capital at 50 thousand yuan, about $20 thousand for store rent and renovation costs, $30 thousand for the purchase and daily expenses. This business model, investors do not need to consider the production of cake, but one thing to note, we must choose the quality assurance, good reputation of the manufacturers purchase, otherwise it will hit their shop signs.

2, cake, bread, baked cake and sell

how much does it cost to open a cake shop? This form of venture capital is about 80 thousand yuan. In addition to store rent, renovation costs, investors need to purchase their own production equipment, of course, according to the different requirements of manufacturers, you can choose to pay installments or one-time payment. Judging from the current market situation, the price is not very high for the use of shop equipment is baked, the smaller the size of the oven baked between 200-500 yuan.

3, homegrown, building production cake

how much does it cost to open a cake shop? This is the largest initial investment in the form of operation, invested more than 300 thousand yuan. In the rent and equipment investment, accounting for about 250 thousand yuan. Suggested that the choice of the type of cake shop operators can be discussed with the lessor quarterly pay, or partnership, reducing the amount of one-time investment on the rent.

operates in different forms, need to invest funds will naturally be different, in short, is set up shop in need of venture capital, however, the choice of the operating mode, the inputs needed will also have a great difference. So, if you are going to start a cake shop, which form would you choose?

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