Why don’t you make a bike shop

countries encourage green travel, can protect the environment, now many will buy a bike ride, can exercise, can also protect the environment, people are now seeking more and more people to recover the original simplicity, riding a bicycle as a stylish and environmentally friendly thing to do, so now the market with the development of bicycle industry a great space, but why is this such a good development prospects, you open the bike shop does not make money? Here we give you a detailed analysis of the reasons for not making money.

do you respect the needs of customers

is not what is your customers will come is important, because they give you the bike shop profits, so clear the real consumer demand, in order to produce results to feed your shop, do not succumb to the pressure of cost, management difficulties regardless of consumer needs, but some selling profit the products, after all the bike stores not three years is not open, open to eat for three years, "the business, do a sum of sales, cultivate a loyal customer is the only proper course to take the money.

are you running a good bike brand

way out of the decision, when you first thought that determines the final success or failure of investment, a bike shop cost is not low, so some agents will think, as a cheaper investment threshold low brand, selling cheap products to save costs. But it also made a taboo of store operations, because in the long term, only enough high quality bicycle products will attract customers, increase customer stickiness, bring long-term profit. Cheap bicycles and brands in the beginning will indeed be illusion of cost savings, but the quality of products is hard but no way to seize the consumer group in the fierce competition in the market in the end, it is selling at a loss. Lower than the market price of some of the low threshold agent brand, the choice of the world’s top cycling brands seem to invest large upfront, but the operating risk is small.

do you shop in line with local conditions

wants to make a profitable bicycle stores, is the need for agents give full play to the initiative, to develop suitable for the development of their own business approach to sales, if blindly copied others management method, strategy, it is possible to own the store does not match the situation, even if this is not caused by loss, too it is difficult to create the ideal performance, only the right is the best, the local stores will earn profits to belong to you.

do you want to make money

of course no agents do not want to make money, but you can’t just stay in the "dream", but should be transformed into a powerful spiritual force and the actual action recommended

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