Need to do propaganda work

want to successfully set up shop, you need to learn to advertise. Now businesses are actively using a variety of ways to start a variety of advertising platform, sufficient to prove that this part of the whole business in the important role played by, do you know how to do publicity work? If you don’t know, let’s have a look.

1, shop plan

which is the basic plan for the whole shop activities, so to develop the overall progress, the ideal situation is to be filed in the 10 months before the opening, to be finalized in the shop 6 months ago, so the activity can be fully prepared and effectively.

2, the specific implementation of

need to shop in about 1 months before the start, so that the whole shop information to inform consumers to shop day reached the climax of the activities, the implementation way and the content can be divided into employee access to the values of family, the use of media advertising, public relations activities, the implementation of the open day celebration provide special services, etc..

3, post publicity

this is in line with the series of activities, in order to achieve sustained open pomp, continuous activities launched, such as cultural activities, commercial promotions, service measures, make the whole shop promotional activities can achieve expected effect. .

Success requires

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