What do you need to do now

start-up companies, in the beginning of the time are generally very difficult, but there are a lot of companies like a dark horse into people’s sight, look at the current market needs what kind of entrepreneurial needs it.

1.  simple product (Super  Simple  Product)


2.  simple business model (Simple  Business  Model)

complex business model contains more links, a not worth mentioning the small error of each link, may lead to the total collapse of the entire business model. A simple business model is more likely to succeed, even if it fails, it can save valuable time and money.

3.  scalability (Scalability)

a simple product, simple business model is often not enough, unless this product or service is highly reproducible, such as a Microsoft office software, can theoretically be sold billions of copies, even if each authorized price is very low, is also a very large market, and also, you can upgrade once every few years, forcing customers to buy the new version of the authorization from the new. In addition, Google keyword advertising also has this feature, the words can be sold is almost unlimited, can cover any dictionary in the world, and the customer service cost is very low, because you can use the software, let the customer self-service, it also greatly reduces the cost of doing business, greatly improves the speed of transactions, the result is hitherto unknown the growth of.

4  disruptive innovation (Disruptive  Innovations)

The word

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