The old stone has rich wind.

children growing up in rural areas, many people probably remember the stone of this kind of thing, with the development of the times, many people put this stuff hit hit, throw throw, everyone will think this kind of thing can become rich, and here is a person to depend on it, realize the goal of getting rich!

2OO4 in November, fan Sen from friends entrusted to the village to a Shandong to Taiwan villagers bought a stone, the Taiwanese are very nostalgic, because Taiwan has never seen a stone, we want to have it shipped to Taiwan to let the outside people touch a rural life is how old, how rice how to cook.

How can

stone model by the Taiwanese people back to Taiwan, and he was also one after another to buy model. Why is this? So many people to visit the Taiwan family time, the stone is very interested, asked him what it is, where it came from, what to do with, through his introduction, that is very valuable for collection.

Taiwanese repeatedly buy model, let fan Sen nostalgia products in the local market is still a blank, Shandong people still miss out years of Yimeng Mountain lifestyle, and their consumption levels are very high, as long as they can sell the high price of love. On the stone, RMB tens of dollars a, to sell 50 dollars at best.

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