Learn how McDonald’s for dessert station location

operating dessert business for female entrepreneurs is a good business choice, but want to open a good shop is not a simple thing, the main decision is the location of the dessert station. If you want to invest in the opening of the dessert station, along with Xiaobian to learn how to choose the location of McDonald’s dessert station.

exquisite eye-catching: McDonald’s distribution are on the first floor of the shop, through the glass window, let passers-by perceived McDonald’s food culture atmosphere, reflect its business purpose, convenient and safe, value for money. Because layout eye-catching, easy to find customers, attract people.

advantage interaction: McDonald’s opened "shop" choice "club", many brand reputation of high, such as Ann square, Jinhui plaza. Famous department store to bring tourists to McDonald’s, McDonald’s and attract young people to shop, play a complementary role.

The location of

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