Roast duck restaurant to join the brand selection of Mai Mai

choose a street alley, opened a roast duck shop, every morning to make your roast duck flavor into the familiar taste of life in the neighborhood, so that you become a child of the aroma of duck childhood memories of the beautiful elements. This feeling is not great. Roast duck restaurant to join the project to choose what is better, Xiao Bian recommended for you to the Royal Mai Xiang roast duck, Royal Mai Xiang roast duck exactly how to look at the following introduction you know.

Royal wheat Roasted Duck won the true master, called the new Roasted Duck industry pioneer, unique secret recipe and no one can. The wheat Roasted Duck low fat, high protein content, rich variety of beneficial vitamins, long-term edible can nourish kidney, spleen and stomach, is the rare green health food. The wheat Roasted Duck not only delicious mellow and convenient food, do not need any additional ingredients, and can be eaten, the diet suitable for the fast-paced modern society.

Royal wheat Roasted Duck including new Roasted Duck, Beijing Roast Duck, authentic traditional fruit, old Beijing Roasted Duck Roasted Duck, crispy duck, wide type carbon Roasted Chicken Touguxiang "hand Roasted Duck and ninth generation beer roast, palace skin Roasted Duck sawuteed lo, cold dish, all classical, Royal wheat Roasted Duck came on to its unique flavor, outside Giori tender, smooth texture features of popular throughout Shanghai, both men and women, old and young housewives or high streets and back lanes, and some white-collar workers, a stop, some come here, even in the store door waiting in a queue can not miss such a rare delicacy.

Royal wheat Roasted Duck unique preparation method, selection of the finest duck, containing dozens of precious Chinese medicine carefully material, scientific formula, timing of pickled, dried baking after eating, do not have to worry about fat, Royal wheat Roasted Duck rich in B, E vitamins, can antioxidant, is the body of excess free radical scavenger.

Royal Mai roast duck to join the advantages:

one, exclusive technology, more advantages

beer Roasted Duck only this one a wisp of fragrance, has been recognized by the State Intellectual Property Office China patent certificate and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued "a wisp of fragrance" trademark certificate, exclusive technology, unique taste, no matter how others could not copy, can be said to monopolize the technology market of beer Roasted Duck. Not only that, a wisp of fragrance of beer Roasted Duck also provides a county can only open a guarantee, to join such enterprises to make money more secure, more


two, free training, technology easy to learn

a wisp of fragrance of beer Roasted Duck headquarters will provide free training for franchisees are unified, standardized operation, easy to learn, to allow the franchisee to master the technology in the shortest time, and quickly into the ranks of the shop to make money. In addition, >

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