What are the new ideas of Rural Entrepreneurship

Although the current

business opportunities are many, but many have been repeated with the market, and even the market has reached saturation. So, whether it is to choose where to start, in fact, we need to innovate. We have a lot of people may have to sell shoes on the island said the story, some people think that the people on the island do not wear shoes do not have the market, but some think it is a big market, the results of different ideas are not the same, just as some people made money in rural areas, built a house, buy a luxury car. And some people go out to work, why the gap so big?

is actually a way to determine the idea of entrepreneurship in rural areas is no exception, there must be a new idea. Identify their own entrepreneurial direction, stick to it, I believe, in the countryside will find your new world. At present, rural employment situation increased, city economic level decline, causing many rural people ready to start home, looking for a good way to become an important prerequisite, the migrant workers return home development imminent, understand the situation in rural areas in many aspects, it is not difficult to find some good income rich doorway. So, what are the new ideas of rural entrepreneurship?

1, rural used car service

what are the new ideas of getting rich? With the rapid development of China’s automobile industry, second-hand car market trading volume and scale is also growing in the countryside, its huge development potential has gradually emerged, now the living standards of farmers compared to ten years ago had greatly improved, there is a car every 10 households generally in rural areas, there is a market in second-hand car business and service in the agricultural village. According to the supply and demand, the establishment of a second-hand car in the countryside of the intermediary, specializing in the sale of second-hand cars and transfer procedures, such as agents, considerable income, then a single at least a few thousand to ten thousand yuan of intermediary costs.

is also the old 100 of the inspection agency, condition assessment, the second-hand car business valuation. Such a thing in the countryside is also welcomed by the people, professional services to improve efficiency, but also a cause of huimin.

2, rural gardening design and construction


industry is relatively rare in rural areas, the rural development in the continuous improvement of infrastructure, and people’s living standard will be more and more high, the pursuit of the noble quality of life, will also further people’s eyes, gardening design will gradually enter the countryside. Every farmer has a wonderful home dream.

what are the new ideas of getting rich? My courtyard with beautifully, make their home more beautiful, if you know some knowledge of garden greening design and maintenance, can undertake the farmhouse. At present, rural tourism began to rise, many farm, farmhouse into personalized decoration, it needs to understand the design and construction of the horticulture team, rural home design, artificial mountain stone recommended

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