Recommend the appropriate 2016 annual meeting

we know that at the end of the year, the company will hold annual meeting to reward employees, this time, the theme of the annual meeting is all in the cudgel thinking. 2016 annual meeting of the main words? Today, we will list some good annual meeting theme words.

2016’s annual meeting theme words:

1, new Lianjiu buzuibugui.

2 and beyond, butterfly and sublimation.

3, change, and grow.

4, create prosperity share rich.

5, the melody on the fingertips.

6, innovation and development to create brilliant.

7, Jin Zhi excellence, there is no end.

8, the heart before the · take off.

9, precision force to create a better tomorrow.

10, ready to go, and draw up a wonderful.

11, the elite gathered in Wanli, feiling.

12, ten contained Chunhua Qiushi, new Junye at present.

13, the company 2016 annual meeting theme: in ten years, the 2016 dream voyage.

14, integration, sharing, win-win.

15, condensed Jiazhang create brilliant.

16, UNDER, ONE, ROOF, under the same roof.

17, hand in hand, sharing spring.

18, management, science, innovation.

19, the pursuit of excellence and efficiency.

20, looking to the future, start again.

21, polish, fusion.

22, flying dream beyond infinity.

23, vision determines the future.

24, dancing wonderful shine future.

25, harmony, win-win, development.

26, looking forward with precision.

27, fusion dream, win in the future.

28, live in the world, warm warm.

29, burning passion, step by step brilliant.

30, we are one family deeply attached to each other.

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