Toy store routine application process

toy franchise brand to find the right beyond count, will be rushed to join the brand for joining the toy store to join, so roughly what is the application process? The whole network Xiaobian for you immediately popular toy store franchise knowledge.

however, for entrepreneurs, because new entrants, to join the toy application confused, the following details about the application of toy stores program, hoping to open a toy store business friends together to clear up doubts role.

1. consulting intention. When the petitioner has joined the toy chain intention, through the advisory telephone, fax, e-mail and other matters related to join way.

2. claims submitted. By the applicant to the toy store headquarters fill out the application form, submit application report.

3. study understanding. Franchisee to visit the headquarters as well as model stores, to understand the business situation.

4. contract authorization. Franchisor and franchisee to sign the agreement, established on both sides of the rights and obligations of the applicant to obtain authorization certificate of franchise franchise "".

5. storefront decoration layout. Chain headquarters to provide store decoration style, shelf design and light boxes and other unified CI program.

6. training and guidance. The headquarters of the franchisee for product performance, features, play skills, store management and development planning and other aspects of the system of training guidance.

7. opening ceremony. The new franchise stores in the end of the relevant business, tax and other formalities, you can open the listing, the headquarters of the series of free products and the chain of promotional materials.


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