Open a large family of toy rental stores risk

in the current market, as long as we choose to start a business, choose to shop, will bear the risk, which is an unavoidable thing. However, the risk of different entrepreneurial opportunities will naturally be different. For many investors, will naturally choose less risky business opportunities. So, the opening of a large family of toy rental store risk?

investment is not required

for small and medium investors, the biggest temptation is to open a toy rental store investment is relatively small, relatively simple operation. Overall, the amount of investment is mostly between 30 thousand yuan to 60 thousand yuan, much lower than the investment in other industries.

generally speaking, the brand will be recommended to join the rent will be controlled below 4000 yuan. Toy rental shops in the area of 30-120 square meters in general, different brands vary depending on the location, decoration is also the case. Generally include the cost of disinfection equipment and store labels, leaflets, membership cards and other items needed for a complete set of business. Some brands are not called for the initial fee, and configuration, which also contains the computerized management of equipment.

The same

different brands of toys rental shops operating mode, generally by the membership, membership card fees according to different period of use and the right to 3 grades. A member of the loan toys, toys and time to collect the rent according to the value of borrowing, some 10% of the original price, some 7% of the original price or lower rental costs directly from the amount deducted from the membership card, buckle end date. Some brands are also engaged in the sale of the lease, members can enjoy the purchase of 10 percent off or more of the membership card according to the level of their own membership card.

, for example, a value of 180 yuan Ferris wheel, consumers pay a fee of $200 after the payment of rent of 10% yuan, that is, $18 can play a week. For rental owners, a toy rental 10 times can recover the cost.

risk factor analysis

generally speaking, a toy rental shop just opened business will be better; but if the time is too long to update the funds to keep up with the toy, the customer did not feel fresh, it is difficult to maintain the rental shop.

in addition, venture capital industry will consider the toy rental rental products: post processing, repair damage including rental of toy and outdated toys processing; toys disinfection, many people do not accept the main reason is because no matter the toy rental leasing company claims such as any strict disinfection, ensure clean, there are still a lot of people in this regard do not worry.

other risks include toy rental stores, the choice of shops, seasons and the types of products.


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