Jurong precise launch credit business venture

loan business is a lot of entrepreneurs to choose, in order to better facilitate the entrepreneurial venture, Jurong precise launch loan business venture to help businesses reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship.

from the application object, the scale of investment, promote employment, operating status and assessment of amount of loan guarantees; and the provisions of 15-20 million the amount of the loan amount required to participate in the evaluation of the roadshow, by the applicant on business projects, the judges scoring itemized inspection, to ensure that the loan is standardized and scientific.

from houbai Town, an entrepreneurial venture is mainly the sale of beech, planting seedlings, Photinia, ginkgo seedlings, companies last year, annual sales reached about 1000000 yuan, a profit of more than 20 yuan, driven by the employment of more than 30 people, can provide effective collateral and good credit, the the audit of the material after getting a loan of 180 thousand yuan.

It is reported that the new approach

, based on the original business loan policy, to further refine the evaluation standards, the introduction of innovative site assessment mechanism, shorten the time of loan application, improve capital efficiency, to optimize the business environment, has important significance to guide the public venture, the innovation ".



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