Panzhihua mouse to complete the tax payment

with the advent of the Internet has provided more convenience for our lives, especially before the tax must go to the relevant units can be. Recently, thousand Wo flavor industry food Limited by Share Ltd tax officers Zhang Yanyan opened the online tax service hall address on the computer in the office, less than two minutes to the successful completion of tax payment. "Before the tax day, we have to go to the hall line filling. When the data is not uniform, have to run back and forth. Tax people for a long time, sometimes to wait an hour of the team. Now through the network tax, time saving, more relaxed." Zhang Yanyan said with a smile.

in front of this scene, just Dongpo District Local Taxation Bureau to set up the convenience of taxpayers, the tax service platform as the core of the "Star" service system, to create "a microcosm of the Internet + new mode of tax service success. According to the official responsible for the "Internet plus tax, service mode mature, taxpayers, tax related services whenever and wherever possible homes will be able to handle tax related information such as real time.

for example, to carry out the tax online declaration, taxpayers only need to sign a three party agreement with the bank, the local tax in the first use, then you can go directly to the website to declare, tax, etc.. If the taxpayer does not have a computer at home, our hall also provides self service terminal, provide tax clearance certificates, tax clearance certificates, print self-service payment, invoice authenticity inquiry, a double tax declaration, tax declaration, tax related enterprise user information query, the tax authority in charge of query services 8." Dongpo District Local Taxation Bureau relevant responsible person said, is expected by the end of this year, Dongpo District will have more than 4 thousand families to enjoy the convenience of network tax taxpayer.

is the upgrade of the network service, at present, "Dongpo tax" WeChat public number has officially launched operation. As long as taxpayers scan public number, you can enjoy the notice, tax guide, booking service and other convenient services. At the same time, every week will send a local guide, announced tax star, credit class a taxpayer, tax notice, launch non normal customer identification, taxpayers can easily understand the tax related information in the "pocket", the tax relief.

Panzhihua mouse point, the completion of tax payment for the broad masses of the people’s lives to provide more convenience in the market by the unanimous praise. Reporters noted that in Dongpo local tax service hall, also announced the 32 tax matters "code" and 8 replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) two-dimensional code, which greatly facilitates the taxpayers more efficient access to the standardization of the tax business conduct guidelines, make "Internet plus tax" turn out "Internet ×" the satisfaction of the masses.

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